My thirteen-year-old son opens the passenger door, steps out of the car, and begins to close the door when he is suddenly startled by the reflection of a man in a button down shirt and necktie in the side car door mirror. For a moment, he freezes and is about to look over his shoulder at the man standing just behind him on the driveway. It only takes a few seconds for him to process his mistake as he realizes the man in the mirror is his own reflection. In his second year on the school basketball team, he still hasn’t grown accustomed to wearing a shirt and tie on game day.

on the bleachers
the thirteen-year-old girl
still inside me


4 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Oh Yes, it never goes away! The image in the mirror just gets more and mores startling as the years go by! 🙂 Merrill

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